Software Engineering Foundations - Java Programming

Graduate course, University of West Florida, Department of Computer Science, 2020

A course in the Accelerated Software Engineering Foundations Series in which students will gain a comprehensive understanding of principles/concepts of Java programming and how to apply those principles/concepts in conjunction with principles of software engineering to design and develop object- oriented software systems. Students taking this course should have an understanding of programming language fundamentals including variables, constants, selection, iteration, arrays, and functions or methods.

This course is QM-Certified by Quality Matters.

Learning Objectives

  1. Develop software in an Integrated Development Environment.
  2. Demonstrate competence in basic programming concepts.
  3. Use a given UML diagram to construct a class with constructors and methods from it.
  4. Demonstrate competence in collections such as arrays and array lists.
  5. Describe data persistence and develop programs that persist data by performing file input and output..
  6. Demonstrate competence in using Java Exceptions to secure potentially failing parts of a program.
  7. Demonstrate the skills to define subclasses for a given class.
  8. Use GUI elements to build graphical interfaces.
  9. Use Recursion to solve problems.
  10. Use inheritance and design patterns to structure a larger object-oriented program.