Basic Vim Setup

2 minute read


Vim is by no means the only code editing tool out there…it’s just the best one 😁. It is highly customizable, and if you choose it as your editor you will modify it over time to suit your needs. For beginners, a very simple setup can go a long way in helping to develop code.


Debugging Segmentation Faults in C++

8 minute read


Segmentation faults in C++ are a sign that you are trying to do hard things. Congratulations! Now, let’s take a peek at how to start debugging.

Simplifying Make

1 minute read


This is an attempt at simplifying make, I hope it can help anyone who struggling with the basics.


Uninitialized variables in C++

3 minute read


C++ won’t always work the way you expect, and that is by design. It’s a remarkably rigid language and it requires that a programmer cross all of their f’s and dot all of their j’s.

Common Constructor Mistakes in C++

4 minute read


It is very common to have some difficulty when constructing custom classes in C++. Below I’ll discuss what tend to be the two most common problems I see with student submissions. The first is local scope vs instance variables. The second is a lack of default constructors.

Operator Overloading in C++

4 minute read


What follows is an example of an overloaded operator for a class named Foo.